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Sheffield's Holistic Music Educators






The Milsom School of Music was founded in 2006, merging the teaching practices of partners David Milsom (violin, viola) and Ruth Milsom (piano, aural, theory). David and Ruth now have a combined half century+ of experience in individual and group tuition, ensemble playing and accompanying. Together with Associate teachers, they actively encourage pupils to pursue a broad and varied musical education.

One-to-one lessons are the cornerstone of our teaching. We pay close attention to the individual student, and our teaching delivery is highly tailored to suit each individual's pace and style of learning.

We also put on informal concerts and workshops in which our pupils gain experience in performing to an audience of family and friends in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Why choose the Milsom School?

Above all else we want our pupils to grow into knowledgeable, sensitive and thoughtful musicians, no matter what stage they reach with their instrument. Our tutors, all practicing performers, are thoroughly committed to passing on their knowledge and skills to the next generation. Pedagogically, the Milsom School is founded in established teaching principles of the European tradition - we are not followers of any one particular philosophy, but seek to create individual programmes of study for our pupils based upon a wide and well-established level of experience.


A key element to this outlook in relation to school-age pupils is to engage actively as much as possible with parents/carers in order to help develop learning strategies and support. Our informal concerts aim to be family-oriented and child-centred, providing opportunities to meet others involved in the learning process. 

Where do we work?

We are based in South-West Sheffield, close to the universities, and the suburbs of Fulwood, Ranmoor, Ecclesall and Nether Edge, where many of our pupils live. Traditionally, many of our lessons have been peripatetic, taking place at pupils' houses, subject to suitability and timetabling. Some lessons are also available at the tutor's home.

We are very happy to consider tuition for pupils living further afield. Our online teaching offers scope for travel-free lessons.

We offer in-person or online lessons, to best suit the needs and preferences of all our pupils.

News & Updates
Handbook of Romantic Violin Playing

Commissioned by publishers Boydell & Brewer, this new book by David Milsom will offer practical insights into violin playing in the long 19th century. This volume follows on from earlier immersive studies made by David, and aims to guide violinists (and other string players) in discovering how older approaches to music performance and violin style can inform their playing today.

Recording projects

David is continuing to work on his mammoth video set of J.S. Bach solo violin works. Forthcoming is a disc of Brahms viola and violin sonatas with Jonathan Gooing.
News and audio/video clips are available  on David's website.

A-Z of String Players

David Milsom's publication, for the renowned Naxos record label, is available to buy as a box-set. The 'A-Z of String Players' is a biographical survey of 303 solo violinists, violists, cellists and bassists, and their legacy on record.


September, 2014

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